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Targeted exercise training of the vasculature

why EXERCISE for blood vessels?

Arteries have the ability to get bigger or develop branches.
  1. Athletes already have bigger blood vessels but this is still a largely untapped area for improvement and performance gains.
  2. Patients with Intermittent Claudication, a condition which causes pain on walking, can be relieved following supervised exercise training.
Patients enrolled in Cardiovascular (CV) Rehab exercise training, following a heart attack or heart failure diagnosis, largely improve the function of the heart by training adaptations of the peripheral blood vessels.
The "Pump" and the "Plumbing" are fully integrated together.
How would we function in our homes without tiptop plumbing?  
Why ignore problems with our own body's plumbing, threatening our present and future quality of life? 

Optimisation of blood flow for ANYone*, Anywhere, ANYtime.
Using specialised vascular testing tools & exercise regimes.

Please select which service that you require for more information:

*Uninjured healthy athletes seeking a performance edge

*Healthy recreational sports enthusiasts: fitness conditioning

*Health, wellness and longevity 

*Stable patients referred by  MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS

vascular specific exercise testinG FOR ANYONE*, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.
Personal and test data secured safely, either in analogue / paper or digital formats, as directed by you, in accordance with GDPR and the Data Protection Act (1998, 2018) .   

vascular testing equipment

We use specialised non-invasive techniques for measuring blood flow including  Ultrasound (Imaging & non-Imaging) and Plethysmography (Strain Gauge & Photoplethysmography) .  Blood pressure cuffs are also used.

mobile unit: Portable equipment

Equipment is battery operated and as such we can travel in our mobile unit to your home, clinic, or race day venue. This means convenience, with a controlled and relaxed atmosphere for total privacy. Wheelchair access available.   

Reactive Hyperaemia 

Well established, safe techniques for testing the function  and structure of a blood vessel(s).  A site specific pressure cuff is inflated for a short period of time, then deflated, to  elicit increased blood flow, with or without exercise.

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We come to you: 1-1 or group, Range of vascular & non-vascular evaluations & Exercise Training .

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