InVascular ETT


*Non-Injured Healthy Athletes
Optimisation of blood flow in vascular demanding sport specific positions (i.e., cycling, overhead throwing etc).

Safely enhance components of  strength & endurance via augmentation training using carefully calibrated limb blood flow regulation.

Event preparation (i.e., vascular preconditioning/ passive heating) & recovery strategies (i.e., individualised  warm down, water immersion, compression).

invascular ett

vascular exercise training  ESOTERIC SPORT SPECIFIC

Blood flow regulated augmentation training for competitive athletes.

For healthy, uninjured athletes who are already engaged in structured training (InVascular ETT design or their own coach) and are seeking to enhance their adaptation during rehabilitation, recovery, or loading phases, this adjunct provides significant strength or endurance improvements with minimal to modest exertion. It necessitates monitoring tests during each session to calibrate working intensity and duration safely. A completed PAR-Q form is required before the initial meet-up.