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prevent or relieve ongoing cardiovascular disease symptoms

Stable patients, referred by Medical Professionals

GP patients with stable cardiovascular disease risk factors (i.e., Diabetes High cholesterol, Hypertension).

Arm-Toe Pressures for Diabetics.

Phase IV Cardiovascular Rehab; including Stable claudicants (Fontaine I-IIb) & Small AAA (<4.0 cm). 

Enhance calf muscle pump function for improved vein outflow from limbs & venous return to the heart.

Our mobile unit has wheelchair access

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GP Exercise Referral Pathway or Phase IV Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Transfer.

Patients need a referral from a GP or Hospital Physician/Surgeon through the completion of the BACPR Transfer Form, which can be accessed through the button below.

The completed forms should be sent back to us either by email or post before we can schedule our initial meeting at our Rodney Street Office, in our mobile unit at your home, or at another venue of your choosing.